May, 2005 Issue #1 Written by Dave Gieber Webmaster of

Welcome to issue #1 of my newsletter, “Comics Galore”. This issue is just an introduction and to welcome you aboard. It will be fairly short and sweet as I am still evolving. The next several issues will formulate the format and sections I plan on incorporating and of course, any input from you will be looked for with anticipation, reviewed and become part of this newsletter as it fits in. After all this is your newsletter.

I would like to relate a little anecdote I recently heard. You may or may not have heard it. “Fred the Flat Headed Flea”, it seems, was stuck in a jar he was trying to get out of. The jar, like most jars, had a lid on it. Every time Fred would put himself into launch mode, blam! He smacked his head against the lid almost knocking himself out. Well, like most of us, he discovered that if he put less energy into his leaps, he would not blast his head into pain. Once the lid was taken off, he continued his ever vigilant efforts to get out of the jar, but using his lessons learned from the lid, he never again put enough energy into his trial to gain freedom from the jar.

Now this is something I could really relate to with my day to day corporate position. Even with the fact that I was making a reasonable income, try as I might, I was getting no closer to my life long goals. I really do believe you may also relate to this dilemma.

Over the last several years, I have gained an amazing passion for the Internet. It thrills me to no end, the passions that can be realized with some constant work and effort. I decided to make that final leap from my corporate job and combine the Internet with my sleeping passion for comic books. My thoroughly enjoyable efforts, thus far, have resulted in my new comic book site and this newsletter. I want you to feel the same passion and excitement in reading this continuing publication as I do in putting it together. I must admit, I do it because of the enjoyment it gives me to think that I can also give you the reading adventure you so richly deserve. So…

Some of the areas of interest I will be covering in future issues will be tips on comic book collecting, articles of interest, fascinating sites you ought to visit, comic book pricing information and anything else you would love to read about. I will also be developing a section for your articles and stories. I would be fascinated by some of your experiences and ideas and I am sure all who read this publication would be too.

My goal here is to give you a few minutes of passionate entertainment before its time to go punch the clock. Had a rough trying day at work? Then take a few minutes to read or even re-read my future issues and get back in the zone. Nothing greater worked for me to unwind from the rat race, than doing or reading something that put all my fears and frustrations on hold for a little while. That is the main reason I left the corporate world to spend time working on what I and hopefully you are passionate about, comic books!

I have been developing my new comic book website, for the last several months now and have become extremely engrossed and excited about all the information there is. If you enjoy my website and have any ideas about starting your own, we can sure trade experience and information. That may be a good section to add to this newsletter, tips on comic book website building. And stay tuned for inside tips and secrets that others (except you me) are not privy to. I will strive to maintain a quality of comic book information, of which, you can’t wait for the next issue.

Well, as I said, I will keep this short and sweet. One inside tip before I go. If you are interested and need more info on comic book pricing, “The Official Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide” is an excellent resource. Some say (the insiders) it is the bible of the comic book pricing world. I have my electronic copy on my desktop and it is over 700 pages of extremely useful information. I will be doing an in depth review on this guide in future issues. In the meantime you can review and/or obtain your own copy at Heritage Comics . Happy comic book enjoyment and check back to my new site as I add more content. Thanks for subscribing.


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