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What If You Have The Next
Million Dollar Comic Book??

Pretty bold statement, but it got your attention! Odds are you don’t but how do you know for sure? Have you done your due diligence?

Have you checked all sources for the potential worth of your comic book? You could have a comic book or collection of comics that have some very positive economic value!

Weather you have a comic worth a million or a hundred, the search procedure is the same.

 Come along with me and I will show you how to answer your million dollar question!!

Imagine your conversation with a friend…

…I just discovered I have 5 comic books worth over $100 a piece!

Dave Gieber

Hi, Dave Gieber here. I have had a raving interest in comic books since my young and informative years. So much so in fact, that I started a comic book site in late 2004. I have since grown and maintained that site to this day. 

And as my comic book collection grew, I also had a burning desire to understand their worth! Sound familiar? 

As I researched, tapped into my mind and created comic book content of all kinds, the two biggest questions that I receive are:

1)                  How much are my comic books worth?

2)                  Where can I sell my comic books?

These are not straight forward easy to answer concepts and requires due diligence and time to address. While I have tried to answer these questions individually as I receive them from my site visitors and newsletter subscribers, I have not been able to go into detail as much as I would like. And it does get quite time consuming answering everyone individually!

Then I had an ah ha moment

So why not create a special report one time for everyone interested? I asked myself this 3 years ago. Well I finally got off my duff, brought all my knowledge to bear and voila my special report was born. 

How Much is My Comic Book Worth?

I am now finished and ready to unveil to the World, well at least the comic book world, the process of determining how much the comics in your collection are worth. And I show you where to sell your comics if that is your true goal. Here is what you will learn:

·                     Discover the best comic book price guide to use

·                     The best auction houses on the Net?

·                     The truth about 3rd party grading systems

·                     A unique local comic selling idea

And you can get me… 

…to bring all this data together for you

If you know the Tools then you
will Save Time & Effort

You may or may not have heard of many of these tools and sites. In my 9 years of comic book research and site building, these are the most important resources (of thousands or even millions available) that I have found important for new and old comic book collectors to know about. 

I have boiled down what would take you tons of hours to research. I have created a short, easy to read report to satisfy your curiosity. 

One of the biggest misconceptions that comic book collectors have is that hidden in their collections are gems that they could retire from selling. NOT TRUE!!! Let me state that again in different words. Rarely do most comic book collectors have comics that are worth enough to retire on. 

Yes there are comics in the world that are worth 4, 5, 6 and 7 figures. In the last several years there have been individual comic issues that have sold for $1 million to $2.1 million dollars. And as with any lottery, you have a small, very small chance of having one of these comics in your collection.

Do you have longboxes full of comics?

comic book longboxes

You need to know the resources available to you for evaluation of your precious collection. Knowledge is power!!

No need to second guess you collection’s worth. Discover results that will put you in the driver’s seat. 

Your collection could contain comics worth $10, $20 or even $100. Who knows and you might get lucky to have a few worth several hundred or even a thousand dollars. 

How would you know? I will show you with my special report. I haven’t seen a report like this anywhere in the industry. It is a good first defense tool.

Discover a few of these comics and your collection will start to show some considerable value. But you won’t know this until you start taking steps to understand each of your comic’s true value.

Once you understand their value, you then need to know where you can sell your comics, if that is your end item goal. My report will open your eyes and point you in a new direction!! 

Although I consider this report to be quite valuable I decided on a $7 price tag.  Less than the cost of couple of comics at today’s newsstand prices.

Why so low? I needed a mechanism to keep all my subscribers and visitors happy without me continuous have to reply individually. I hope you don’t mind if I decrease my work and increase your value???

You are covered by my full guarantee!!

Comic Report Guaratee

So how about it? Do you think my report will give you much needed information on how to, evaluate your collection? Want to know where to sell your comics? Then why not take me up on my ridiculously low offer. 7 bucks, that’s all.

And My Ironclad Guarantee!

So far, I haven’t found a report quite like this. I truly hope it will help you on your quest to better understand your comic book collection value.

Best regards…



Dave Gieber 

PS: My low, low price may go up in the future. So why not grab it today and avoid the extra expense.

PPS: Want me to do it for you? Learn how!

PPPS: I take all the risk. You will lose nothing if unsatisfied.

PPPPS: Never be at a loss about how to evaluate your comic book value ever again!

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