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Welcome to the world of comic books and comic book collection. I hope you are as fascinated with the concept as I am. Comic books have held a place in my heart from the days of my youth. There are others who hold this same passion as I discovered years ago when someone stole my box of magazines. Oh, I would have had an asset worth a fortune today.

Are you seriously thinking about starting a collection or do you want to continue the collection you have? No matter what stage you are at or how intense your passion, this website was created to give you all the information on comic book collection and comic books you need.

I guess one of the biggest questions that may be going through your mind is "Why Even Collect Comic Books?" First and foremost, many people have and avid interest in reading comic books. They can stimulate the hearts and imagination of the soul with a visually descriptive, emotional interaction with the reader. Go where no man has gone before. Hey, where have I heard that before? The mind can conjure up worlds of imagination and adventure. Comic books can provide the road map to these unknown destinations.

And another powerful reason to collect comic books is the potential economic investment they can become. Depending on physical condition, rarity and desirability of a particular issue, this will determine its value. Values of a comic book collection can range from a few dollars more than face value to 6 figures. Although 6 figures can be extremely rare, on occasion you may see a particular comic book valued at several hundred thousand dollars. As far as I am concerned though, the highest value is what each comic book is worth personally to each owner. Many times, this does not and can not have a dollar amount attached.

Bottom line is that most successful comic book collection owners engage in the hobby because they truly enjoy collecting and reading comic books. They also have a realistic understanding of what their collection is worth in terms of investment.

What all does comic book collection entail?

  • You have to have some comic books. Well that is quite a no brainer isn't it! Where do you get good comic books? Follow this website and I will show you all kinds of sources for comic books.
  • What comic books do you want to start collecting? Which comic books fascinate you most? Choose some that you would thoroughly enjoy reading. If you can find a new title that piques your curiosity, then as you build this collection, you won't have to worry about paying high cost for back issues. There ain't any. Your collection won't be worth much in the beginning but may slowly increase in value with time.Are you finding your subject interest spanning a wide range of characters and content? You may want to consider collecting number 1 issues of several different series. If you happen to have a series that becomes a big hit, then you will have issue number 1. If you are a beginner at the wonderful hobby of comic book collection, then this may be the best option. As you become more experienced, you will find yourself branching out into older titles.
  • You want to preserve your comic book collection. Do you have a box full of comic books stashed away somewhere? How do you keep any new magazines you acquire in tiptop shape? Did you know your own home environment could become most damaging to your collection? High humidity, high temperature, lighting and poor air circulation are a few of the factors that can deteriorate the physical condition of your precious gems. I will show you how to preserve your collection and where to obtain the supplies you will need. The value of each magazine will depend on this.
  • Don't you also want to enjoy all your comic books, yet insure they remain in excellent condition? Do not let your little sister or your best friend treat them like junk mail, only to be tossed after reading. With a little consideration and care, your will be able to read and enjoy your comic books with little physical damage. Wash you hands to remove potentially harmful oils from the skin. You may want to consider laying your comic books on a flat surface and turning the pages slowly to put minimal stress on the staples and spine. A little care in handling will go a long way to keeping your comic book collection in tiptop shape.
  • How much is each comic book I own worth? Isn't this the biggest question you are asking yourself? I will show you how much, top rated comic books are worth and how you can determine, yourself, what your little packets of passion are worth.At one point in time, actor Nicolas Cage was selling a comic book collection of about 400 magazines. Word was that he might have realized a value into seven figures. Wouldn't we all like to have a collection like this?
  • How are comics book conditions rated?. Again, as you travel through this website looking for your particular passion, you will find resources you can apply to all of your magazines to determine how the experts rate physical condition. The typical industry-wide standard uses a physical condition grading scale that starts at "Mint Condition" and runs all the way to "Poor". There are quite a few levels in between these two extremes with a list of criteria that defines each level. Use the link at the left on comic book price guide to determine the particulars of each level.
  • Where can I sell my collection masterpieces, if I so desire? You will find here, places and resources to go that will lead you to the cash, so to speak, if you have any comic book issues you would like to liquidate.
  • How do I contact others who have the same comic book collection passion that I have? Ah ha, use the forum (once I get it set up) at this website to ask questions, help others with your own knowledge. Or post anything you want about comic books. There will also be an on going schedule for comic book conventions around the country, so you will want to bookmark this site and come back often.To receive my free comic book ezine, "Comics Galore" just enter your email address and first name in the form below, and I will send you my periodical publication as new and interesting comic book related items come up.
  • By using the navigation buttons at the left, you will be able to find anything you need or ever wanted to know about the fascinating world of comic books and comic book collection. If there is something you want to know, but can't seem to locate, go to my "contact me" link, in the left hand column, and ask. This website is meant to grant your every wish about comic books. I truly hope you enjoy your travels through my website. That is what it was created for.

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    Dave Gieber

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