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 The Comic Book Price Guide is considered by many as the bible, when it comes to collecting, grading and pricing comic books. Robert M. Over-street began the concept in 1970 as a guide for fellow fans of Golden Age era comics. The Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide has since expanded to cover the entire history of comics' publications. It has grown to encompass a broader range of information than later competitors such as the Comics Buyer's Guide or ComicBase.


And now, for a limited time (til whenever I decide to discontue the offer), if you purchase the Overstreet Guide through my affiliate links on this page, I have a special gift for you. If you send me your Heritage receipt at ifdgdw@comcastdotcom (of course changing the dot to a .) I will send you a copy of my Comic Book Collecting eBook and all it’s bonuses. You can further read about my eBook at my comic book eBook page.And don’t forget to send me your receipt. This is the only way I can tell it was you who purchased. I thank you ahead of time.

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Although many price guides come and go, this long-standing publication (which has been running for over 40 years) has become one of the inextricable elements of comic collection history. The Overstreet guide is a premier resource for collectors and enthusiasts seeking information on anything comic book related. It offers comic book collectors one of the best pricing resources available.


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Hot dog! I have now had the fine pleasure of getting to know a master of comic book pricing tatics. He has some amazing info on how to track comic books that have corresponding movies in the works and how to profit from them. Why let Hollywood movie moguls be the only intities profiting from Superhero movies? Sean shows you how to buy low and sell high. And what to buy and what not to as you follow a new movie. So if you want to have fun and make a few bucks go check out out Sean's "Comics, Movies and Cash" bundle. This is a perfect complement to the Overstreet Guide! 'Nough said!

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My Electronic Copy

I can't rave enough about the copy I have on my desktop (actually several copies). I can bring it up in seconds and start searching through to my heart's content. If there is one downside, it is that there is so much information. You can spend hours looking through the guide. But then again, it is always on you desktop ready to be searched at any time you like.

One rather interesting function of the PDF file is voice read back, if you have speakers. It is kind of cool to hit that function and sit back and listen to your computer read the page. It can be a little hard to understand though. The voice feedback is electronically generated and takes some getting use to. With a little practice though, you should be able to understand what it is saying quite well.

Another helpful function is the search feature. You can type in your comic book title and sit back and watch the various pages that particular title is mentioned on. This will be helpful to me as I go through and catalog and price estimate my latest comic book collection. I managed to acquire 189 comic books in excellent condition, for 50 bucks. It sounded like a heck of a deal to me.

Using the Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide, I checked out one of my magazines. Depending on what grade or physical condition I use, "The Amazing Spider-man", issue #252, is worth $30 to $65 dollars. Not bad for having paid about a quarter for it. I wouldn't have known this without the guide. As I get my collection cataloged and using the guide to estimate worth, I imagine my new collection will show a value of a substantial amount more than my 50-dollar investment.

I have now accumulated many more comic books as I scour the local classifieds. And there are always comics I need to check in the guide. I would be lost without my desk top Overstreet to reference whenever I come back with boxes full of comic books.

Heritage Comics is the best site I have found so far, that offers an electronic download of the Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide. I have seen it available on other sites, but they all seem to go back to Heritage. It is well worth a look see.

If you would like to learn a little more about the guide just put your name and email address in the form below. I will send you a little more info spread over several days. Don't worry, I hate Spam as much as you do and I will only use your address for comic book stuff.

If you put as much stock into your collection as I do mine, the Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide is an invaluable resource. Or in any case, you should acquire a guide of comparable thoroughness. My own tastes have led me to Heritage Comics and I am more than pleased with them. Hope you find the same.

Dave Gieber

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