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Where are All the Comic Books

Comic book store! Where the heck can I find the magazines I am looking for? There are two main reasons for your search. You want comics! Or you want to find out where to turn your particular investment into cash. Actually you may have a few other reasons also. But you are looking for actual physical locations.

There are resources everywhere, but I want to keep this page focused with off line comic book store info. I have another page dedicated to on line locations, listed in the menu to the left.

Usually you will find a limited amount of comic books at a regular bookstore or even grocery store. This may do for a quick fix, but if you real want to get into some serious comic book shopping, you need to find a serious shop run by an owner that can really help you with your questions.

This kind of store, in the long run, will become quite invaluable to you. You will have a place to go to learn from, to find others you can trade stories with and you will have a long lasting supply of all the comics you will ever need. Most likely, you will also be able to find out about conventions, the when and where. These extravaganzas are the icing on the cake.

Once you find a location that you really like, you may be able to browse for hours. There will also be all kinds of interesting stuff, most likely. Just make sure you contribute a little hard-earned cash for this luxury of looking to your heart’s content. The storeowner also has to make a living. And you may get to be rather friendly with your newfound comic book store owner. This can become very worthwhile and he/she may even cut you a deal every now and again.

Oh, you want to know how to find these locations! Well, many of them should be located in the phone book under comic books. Boy, now that is kind of a no brainer isn't it? Here is another quite easy solution though, as long as you are already sitting at your computer. Go check out this comic book store locator. This is really slick and you can find where any comic book store in this guy’s database is located, whether it is in your local area or if you are looking to travel.

Another reason you may be looking for stores is to find distributors for your comic book related items that you are building a business around. Once you have located some stores and found their contact information, you need to take a very tactful approach. You are looking to sell rather than to buy. Not everyone is looking to be sold by you. You have to determine if you have something of value to give to any particular comic book store. This is where you smooth debonair manner comes into play, at least for the local stores.

You need to get to know the local proprietors in a very friendly, knowledgeable, non-pushy manner. Once you have gained a friend, you may have an outlet to deliver all of your great comic book related merchandise to for life.

That’s great, you say, but you have a hard time approaching shop owners in that way or you want to reach other stores outside your local area. Hey, you are at your computer and everybody knows about and uses email. Great, but be careful. Be VERY careful. That store locater link I gave you above. Well here is another page on that site with some great advice. Read and heed .

Well, if you want to take that kind of time and effort for your email soliciting, you will quite probably have some positive results in contacting comic book store owners. But, I can't stress enough that in today’s online environment, unwanted email is taken very seriously.

On that note I would like to mention a couple of last items. If you have a comic book related site and would like to exchange links, you can contact me using my contact page in the menu. We can sure discuss if there may be any mutual benefit. Second, if you would like to join my list and receive my free comic book ezine, "Comics Galore" then feel free to use the sign up form below. Happy comic book store hunting.

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