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Boy There is Great Stuff Now!

Comic book online. Now there is a term that has generated a reasonable amount of activity on the Internet! It got you to my page didn’t it?

With the advent of the Internet, there has been a world of information open up. One might say, too much information. How do I find what I am looking for without information overload? Well, comic book online got you to my site and I have resources here that I have found quite interesting and very informative.

The world of comic books has many fascinating avenues of exploration. If you book mark my site, you will be able to cut through the multitudes of websites available and I will give you links to some of the best sites I have found.

Comic book online, through a typical search engine, can generate a lot of potentially useful sites. It also depends on what particular area of interest you are looking for. If you can’t find the particular issues you are looking for down town or you don’t have access to any local shops, a comic book online search will yield a wealth of results.

An Excellent Online Pricing Resource

One of the most useful bits of information I have found for comic book online enthusiasts is . I guess I can’t rave about the Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide enough. I thoroughly enjoy my copy. It is delivered electronically and has a wealth of comic books online information that can keep the newbe, as well as the experienced enthusiast satisfied for hours. For comic book pricing, collecting, selling and buying, Overstreet is the best resource around.

This inexpensive book is one of the best comic book related investments I have made. I always keep an updated copy on my desktop. I guess I must enjoy information overload, but I just can’t resist. These copies are right at my fingertips. When you have yours and once you have digested what the guide has to offer, you can become the resident pricing expert and seriously help your friends.

More Online Tidbits

There are also so many comic book online collectibles, that it staggers the imagination. Do you have a favorite superhero character? If you surf on over to my comic book link in the main menu to the left, you will find links to some of the most popular and time tested comic book characters over the years. I hope your favorite is there.

What areas of the comic book genre do you happen to be looking for? What was on you mind when you found my page? Just looking for magazines? Comic book collection or preserving your comics have a fascination for you? Ever attended a convention? As you travel through this website, there will be information and resources for all these concepts.

Well I have been approached by "Crazy Eli" who has enundated himself with back issue comic books. He is now looking to pass off some of his treasures to all of us. So if you want to check out his back issue comic books Here is another very useful resource for comic book online . This site is great for all things comics. You could spend hours at this site, if you are so inclined, but then you WILL want to come back here. There are other very useful links through out my pages.

If you don’t see what you need, you can always join the forum (when I get it created) and ask. If there is a terrific site that you know about, fire me an email. I would love to check it out for a possible link from this site. This will be an every expanding website and with your help, when others search on comic book online, they will find a resource that they will want to use over and over. I hope you enjoy your stay at my site and if you have a mind, you can sign up for my comic book ezine, "Comics Galore" in the form just below. This publication is just for you.

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