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Comic book resources! This page will give you some resources and information that haven’t really fit on any of my other pages. What do resources mean to you? I hope I give you some of the info you were looking for. I consider “comic book resources” as a general catch all for interesting news, where to get comic books, maybe some updates in the industry and comic book supplies. So let’s touch a little on each.

News and Comic Book Sources

Of course you can always surf the pages on my site from the menu at the left to find other very useful links and bits of information about comic book resources.

If you happen to be looking for back issues at a reasonable price, I have found that Chuck over at Mile High Comics goes to great lengths to find the best deals he can for his customers. I would highly recommend you take a look, but be sure to return here.

Now bar none, while doing my research, this site came up as one of the greats for news of the day, forums, valuable comic book resources and just great stuff. It is a good place to kick back and surf around for a while. Comic Book Resources is good entertainment. And don’t forget to make any comments you may have about this site on my FAQ page here at my site (thanks ahead of time).

How Do I Preserve and Store my Valuable Treasures? Read On!

With a little care and consideration you can maintain and preserve all of your comic books. Here are some resource tips and techniques:

If you plan to keep your comic books for more than five years, use long-term backing with acid-free paper, Mylar sleeves and store them in a controlled environment as follows:

  • Put each comic in a Mylar sleeve that covers the book like a clear envelope and has a pressed board backing to keep it straight.

  • Slide the backing into the Mylar sleeve with the treated side facing front. (Backing boards are white on the treated side and gray on the untreated side)

  • Slide the comic book into the sleeve, cover facing out.

  • Store comic books standing up in short or long comic book boxes.

  • Place the boxes where they will not be affected by sunlight, fluorescent lights, heat, humidity or smoke.

  • Find an area that is away from inquisitive young minds and pets just dying to find something to chew on.

  • Short comic book boxes will hold around 100 books, while long boxes will hold around 300.

  • Comic book supplies come in the same sizes as the books, so ensure you get the right fit. Most stores will let you buy Mylar and backing individually, unless you're buying premium quality.

  • Comic books are priced, in part, according to their condition, so store yours properly.

  • Many comic book connoisseurs tape the back of the Mylar to keep it closed. If you do this, be careful not to accidentally catch the book on the tape. 
  • As you are reading your comic books, use care in turning the pages and be very selective with whom you allow to handle them, other than yourself.
  • Some Other Cool Sites

    Well, as time goes on and I find other interesting sites for you to contemplate, I will add them here. I have just run across some other great comic book resources sites. Here is a rather fun type comic book site. Be careful though, you may just spend more time here than you had planned. This interesting comics for sale site will definitely peek your curiousity.

    Now here is a potentially very useful site that is basically a comic book search engine. You don't have to keep bouncing from site to site looking for that favorite back issue. Go take a look at what Comic Seekerhas to offer. I believe this will be a very beneficial site as time goes on.

    Final Thoughts

    Preservation and storage supplies, such as Mylar bags, acid free backing and boxes can be found at many downtown comic book stores. But if you would rather order supplies now just click on the images below!!

    Comic Protection Bags
    Comic Protection Boxes

    I have given you a few excellent comic book resources here and as I find more, you will be the first to know. If you find any that you think should be added, by all means drop me a line and I will look at your new comic book resource. In the mean time, feel free to use my menu at the left and look for other resources and info that will add to your comic book collection enjoyment.

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