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have a whole lot of fun with comic books...
no matter if you are a novice
or an experienced investor

My name is Dave Gieber. I've been a serious comic book collector for over 40 years and have amassed over 2,000 comic books.

I not only collect them, but I have avidly followed the comic book market for most of my life. Back in February of 2010, 3 comic books sold for One million dollars ($ 1,000,000.) each. I'm sure those figures caused your jaw to drop open -- I know mine did! Their original price when they were issued was 10 cents. Not a bad profit, if you had held onto them or knew which ones are worth big money.

Why do these little books sell for so much money?

That's part of the magic of comic book collecting. This isn't your standard kind of collection. There is an incredible history here. Decades upon decades of people have happily collected comic books. Some do it for fun. Others view them as collectible comic investments.

We have grown up with them. We read about our favorite super heroes and their diabolical arch rivals, the super villains, their super powers, their sleek, other-worldly costumes. Comic books transport us out of ourselves and into a make believe land where anything is possible. (Some of us were reading these colorful little magazine-type books long before television was even invented!) Comic books are the stuff of which dreams are made of, both then and now.

There are new comics, old comics, and historical comics -- all waiting and wanting to be collected. Each of them has its own, magnificent, story.

There has never been a better time to get started, whether you're more interested in getting started for fun, or you plan on profiting big time from your own personal collection.

Immerse Yourself in the Magic of Comic Books

For me,this is more than just a hobby -- ot's part of the fabric of my life.

I think that this quote by my friend, Erin Scott, manager of the Allston Branch of New England Comics, says it best:

"Collecting comics can be fun. Hunting down back issues in row after row of bins, trading issues with other collectors via the Internet or mail, getting a great deal on that first appearance of your favorite character and being able to say you have the entire run of something is totally awesome."

It's a medium that is not only visually colorful and artfully designed, but also weaves a mesmerizingly powerful super-human story.

Now, collecting comics isn't for everyone, but if the quote above got your blood pumping and made you smile, it's probably in YOUR blood too!

Introducing...Comic Book Collection

A 68 page blueprint to learning the in's and outs of collecting comic books for fun and profit.

Here are just a few things you will discover:

  • An introduction to comic book collecting
  • A guide on what to collect
  • How to grading your comic books
  • Preservation tips
  • Powerful Economic Investment Potential

  • Buying Comic Books

    Comic book collecting is NOT the same as reading comic books.

    You will be spending time and money on your hobby. Collecting can be as fun and profitable as you want to make it!

    It would be unrealistic to believe that by buying comic books, you will become an instant millionaire.

    It could happen, of course, but, unless you know what you have, what it's worth, what condition it's in and how to preserve your investment, you will never know its rightful value.

    That is why I created this guide book!

    Do you have comic books you either inherited or bought, yourself and and don't know how to see how much they're worth?

    I have come across many people who have no idea how to get started, and are desperate for help. That’s why I have decided to create the ultimate go-to guide on getting started with comic book collecting the quickest, easiest way possible.

    I’ve left nothing out -- this guide is dedicated to you. It will become your best friend as you delve into comic book collecting.

    It contains invaluable resources that I have learned over nearly half a century.

    Here is what other people have said
    about this Guidebook.


    Steve RichardsWhat a read!

    I see dozens of eBooks every month most are full of filler, but not this one.

    Your Comic Book Collecting eBook is astounding. From the history of comics to the Ages of comics and how to grade them, the what, when, where and how to start and maintain your collection is covered in a way that draws the reader in.

    If I have one negative thing to say about it.... It has to be that I wish I had written it! Congratulations Dave, this is a real winner.

    Steve Richards
    Northamptonshire, UK

    The Internet Makes it Easy

    It used to be that you'd have to struggle to get started collecting comics. It was like a club you couldn't get into unless you had certain qualifications or were of a certain age.

    These days, anyone can get started collecting comics as long as they have the right information! You need to gain knowledge of the methodology of collecting comic books. You need high levels of information and discussions, as well as information on pricing and cataloging your own collection.

    The point is that the web, and this guide, makes it easy! You can find great communities of support and a ton of information. You don’t even have to find any of it on your own!

    Become an Instant Comic Book Expert

    Well, you won't become an expert overnight, but, you'll be a lot closer to it. It will save you a lot of time and money, because everything you need to get started is already laid out for you.

    You can do it by yourself, but there is a LOT of information to learn, especially if you try to do individual searches for it. And, of course, the problem with learning that way is that you can't perform a keyword search for something when you don't know what that "something" really is.

    You need an accurate, concise, and actionable guide, all put together so you can actually learn what you need to know rather than spending hours searching.

    One of the most important concepts you'll come to understand as a comic book collector is that of supply and demand. Many collectors are not familiar with this concept and do not understand why the comics they bought 5 years ago are barely worth cover price.

    Does that sound like a problem you've had as well? Don't worry -- you are not alone! It's key to be realistic with your goals. I will show you how.

    You will learn how to enjoy the medium -- not just because you want to become wealthy, but because you enjoy collecting comics in general.

    Why get started? Part of the reason is because of...

    The Amazing History of Comic Books

    There are few things out there that have a history as rich as comic books. Interestingly enough, the history and origins of comic books is actually a bit controversial. In this guide, we go deep into the history of comic books, from the cartoonish broadsheets of the Middle Ages, to England's Ally Sloper's Half Alley, to The Yellow Kid, and more.

    You'll enter a world where Buck Rogers, Tarzan, Little Orphan Annie, and Dick Tracy were just born. Famous Funnies will whisk you back to meet Joe Palooka, Buck Rogers, and Mutt and Jeff.

    You'll discover which comic, created by two teenagers, was born and would later become one of the most highly sought after comics in the world.

    In fact, you'll learn everything you want to know about the 100 greatest comics of the 20th century! As well as which comic book gets the distinction of being the Comic of the Century!

    For real comic fans, there are only two kinds of comics ,__________ and everything else! This is the comic book that made all of the others possible.

    Comic Book Eras

    There are different comic book eras -- but not everyone agrees on what and when they are! We explore this interesting controversy in detail; including the Victorian Age, Platinum Age, Golden Age, Atom Age, Silver Age, Bronze Age, and Copper Age.

    It's important to understand the different eras as you build your collection. Perhaps more importantly, you should know why certain experts recommend different age titles according to what was popular and prevalent during certain years. You cannot effectively collect comic books if you don't have this information!

    Best of all, I'll let you know exactly which titles to look for in each age!

    In addition to learning about the rich history of comics, you need to consider your role in all of this.

    What Kind of Collector Will You Be?

    There are three main kinds of collectors:

    • Those who collect for pure enjoyment
    • Those who invest purely for monetary gain
    • Those who do a little bit of both

    Avoid Wasting Your Money
    (These Tips Can Save You a Fortune!)

    No matter what you choose as your focus, you need to invest in the long term -- for yourself and your heirs. When you read this guide, you'll discover how to avoid investing in a huge number of comics that will not be able to hold their value.

    Unfortunately, not all comic books are equal. There are a lot of comics that are published in the millions and have little to no true resale value. There are moments of interests -- fads -- in every era. You absolutely must choose your investments wisely and carefully.

    Someday, you'll want some money for your trouble! That's why you need expert advice on what to select. It's kind of like an insurance policy against choosing the wrong comics!

    Here are some examples of what you'll want to buy...

    • It can be best to invest in comics published before 1965, VG condition or better (Don't worry -- I tell you exactly which ones to look for)
    • If you buy something from 1965 to the mid 70's, it should be Near Mint or better
    • If I were to advise you on what to invest in today, I would suggest ________ __________, which mastered titles such as the _______ _________ and others (this information is only available in my guide!)

    You'll also discover:

    • A scarce, very collectible type of comic you'll want to get your hands on
    • What # comic you'll want to go for...almost every time
    • The criteria you need to know before buying any comic
    • Which themes do better than any others -- sure bets for your collection
    • Why you do not want to rely on fads to build your collection...and how to recognize fads for what they are

    Not sure if this is for you?

    Just say "Maybe" and get your very own No-Risk copy of Comic Book Collection.

    If you've read this far I'm sure you'd really like to get started learning more about your own comic books and which ones are valuable, but you may have a little voice in your ear that says: "What if this isn't for me?"

    No problem. There is no need to say "yes" at this point. Just say "maybe." Order Comic Book Collection below. Read it and see for yourself. If it doesn't work for you, then email me back and I'll refund your money. It's that easy.

    See What Others are Saying!


    Lorraine Cote As a layperson totally green about comic book collecting, the information provided in your book would allow someone like me to basically start a collection from scratch. The steps defined on what to look for and where to look when starting a collection are invaluable to a beginner. In addition, you provide information that not only appeals to those starting out but for those collecting for a long time as well. It's written in a no-nonsense way that anyone, and I mean anyone can understand and get started collecting comics. Great job.

    Lorraine Cote
    Lowell, MA


    James Tyler I'm thinking it's a little long on history, but I am so intrigued by all it presents. Lots and lots of info in this thing though. wow! quite an intriguing read. I found the pieces on the Artists particularly interesting. Like Bob Kane. I never knew he had died. And the defections of so many artists were something I thought of only as the outset of Image Comics in the 90's.

    The early history of comics is nice because there is always something different everywhere you look on the Internet about that topic.

    This is a great piece of work! The piece on Mark painting covers is very dear to me. I love artwork, and did many pastels/watercolor work myself and was often fantasizing about comic book penciling myself someday.

    James D Tyler (Jay)
    SPC US Army 3rd Infantry Division
    "Rock Of The Marne!"

    Dear Dave,

    Ian McBride Congratulations on a fine book. This book should be considered as an important tool for all people that want to collect comic books for enjoyment. It is essential reading for people who want to turn their hobby into a money making venture or as an inheritance for their children. I only wish that I had this information 40 years ago when I took 6 empty pop bottles into the corner store and purchased my first comic book. (Amazing Spider-Man # 28). When I think back to say, 1961, I “marvel” to the fact that 10 cents could buy a loaf of bread or the very first issue of The Fantastic Four. Today, 10 cents can not buy you anything, but a near mint copy of that comic book could bring you up to $35,000!! Gold & silver have always been wise investments, but done right, collectibles like comic books can be an important financial hedge in these uncertain times. Thanks again for the good read Dave and GOD Bless.

    Ian McBride
    Edmonton Alberta Canada

    Ensure You Develop the Best Possible Collection, With the Chance for Huge Profits!

    It's extremely important to know what to look for -- not only do you need to know which titles to look for, but you also need to know what condition you should look for, and how to determine what condition a certain comic is in. While you might think this is intuitive -- it absolutely is not!

    There is a set of standards you need to adhere to. If you don't have this information, you'll be totally lost as a comic book collector. This guide ensures you're able to find your way!

    Don't worry -- this will be fun! You'll discover exactly how to estimate the correct price for buying and selling. A novice could easily overlook what the professional or seasoned collector would spot. Ensure you're buying the right comics so you can profit hugely whenever you decide to sell.

    What to look for:

    The one requirement for decently grading a comic book is a profound sense of self-honesty! You have to be incredibly realistic, which is impossible to do if you don't know what to look for.

    • Is it ripped or torn?
    • Creased or wrinkled?
    • Is the paper aging?
    • Is it marked up?
    • What size are the creases?
    • Is there any yellowing on the pages?

    Learn the meanings and sometimes very subtle differences between:

    • Mint Mint
    • Near Mint/Mint
    • Near Mint
    • Very Fine/Near Mint
    • Very Fine
    • Fine
    • Very Good/Fine
    • Very Good
    • Good/Very Good
    • Good
    • Fair/Good
    • Fair
    • Poor

    I discuss these different grades of comic books.

    You'll also learn which book you will absolutely want to invest in if you're going to collect comic books -- all serious collectors have this one!

    Even if you were going to invest in other price guides, it would be unfortunate if you did not take this one resource seriously as a barometer of honest pricing information.

    What to check up on first? I point you to an accurate, free pricing guide you can start using today!

    I'll also point you in the direction of one of the coolest resources ever created for comic book collectors -- you'll be able to manage your entire collection online -- free! This is invaluable and absolutely worth your investment in this guide alone.

    How to Properly Manage Your Entire Comic Book Collection-Online...FREE!

    also point you in the direction of one of the coolest resources ever created for comic book collectors -- you'll be able to manage your entire collection online -- free! This is invaluable and absolutely worth your investment in this guide alone.

    Once you place your collection online, you can share it with friends on Facebook, Twitter ...and other serious collectors.

    Comic Book Preservation  

    This is Critical...

    You need to ensure you keep your comic book collection in the best possible shape!

    There are 7 enemies you need to be aware of when it comes to preserving your comic book collection:

    • Physical damage
    • Moisture
    • Heat
    • Light
    • Air quality
    • biological contaminants
    • Internal elements -- quality of paper and chemistry of inks

    Storage and Preservation

    It comes down to proper storage.

    • Discover what you need to invest in to keep your collection in the best possible shape
    • How to prevent the destruction of the delicate comic book inks
    • Where to get state of the art comic preservation supplies
    • If you love your comic book collection as much as I love mine, storage and preservation will be important to you.

    Want to Sell Some or All of Your Collection?

    Need to sell a few comics and make some money to cover some extra expenses during this economic slowdown?

    If you've already got a collection, my guide also includes the name, phone number, and e-mail address of someone you can sell your comics to NOW!

    What You're Getting Today

  • An introduction to comic book collecting
  • A guide on what to collect
  • How to grading your comic books
  • Preservation tips
  • Powerful Economic Investment Potential
  • -----------------------------------------------------------------

    Ready to Order?

    Yes, Dave, I am ready to become an instant expert on comic book collecting!

    Great! But, wait. We're not done.

    Order today and receive not one...not two...but,
    5 Free Bonuses!

    If you're as serious about collecting comic books for profit, as I am, the following bonuses alone, are worth the price of this book!

    Here they are:

    Bonus #1
    The History of Superman

    Superman Action Comics #1 I can't believe I found this. An ebook rendition of the comic book that started the illustrious career of one of the most popular comic book heroes of all time, Superman. Action Comics #1, released in 1938, introduced Superman to the comic book industry and the rest is history. Originally created by a couple of teenagers, Joe Shuster and Jerry Siegel, Superman went on to become a mainstay in every comic book enthusiast's collection. And get this, you won't believe a man can fly. You WILL believe a man can jump great distances. Believe it or not, Superman originally could not fly. As with so many things we are familiar with, the Superman character we know today, evolved over time. This ebook makes a fantastic complement to my Comic Book Collecting ebook. The original comic is very illusive these days and if you do own a copy, it is worth a bundle. But for those of us that have never seen the origin of Superman, this ebook is a great history lesson and is yours if you act today.

    Bonus #2
    What You Should Know About Comic Book Authentication

    CGC Comic Book Authentication
    ...To Certify or not to Certify?
    What is all the hubbub about CGC authenticated comic books? Should you purchase CGC comics? Should you have your own comic book collection slabbed and verified? These questions, I am sure constantly plague collectors world wide. This special report addresses some of the pros and cons to CGC authentication. In this report you will find:
    • Opinions of top comic book experts
    • What CGC comics are
    • CGC services and prices
    • An alternative to CGC
    • Internet resources to discover all you need to know about CGC graded comic books
    There are 27 information packed pages in this report. This will give you enough knowledge to formulate your own rational informed opinion about CGC comics. This free report can be yours in a matter of minutes. But wait, there's more.

    Bonus #3
    Special Report

    Comic Book Articles
    The Fascinating and Informative
    World of Comic Books,
    A Collection of Articles

    I decided to compile all of my tips on buying comic book supplies and information about the comic book industry into this special report. This Special Report identifies:
    • Tips and tidbits on comic book supplies
    • Happenings in Hollywood
    • Stan Lee and his Hollywood woes
    • The thrills of comic book collecting
    • And more…
    This report took months to compile. As I create and/or find more articles of interest, the report will be updated and you will have free access to the updates as well. This comic book gem is worth the total price of admission, but is included here free of charge if you take action today!

    Bonus #4

    x-men characters
    The X-men, characters and descriptions!

    Do you loke the X-Men? This book is a great addition that I have come across. My good friend Valerie Pooh, or Val as she likes to be called, wrote this book, and she gave me the privilege of offering it to you. She has created her own X-men site that you will want to check out, once you download her book. She has created an extensive collection and description of every X-men character to have existed: Find the answers to these questions that you've been wanting to ask someone:

    • Can't think of that one character who eludes you?
    • What are the powers of each mutant?
    • How large is the X-men team?
    • The thrills of learning the X-men characters in depth.
    • And more...
    This report took months to create. I was very lucky to have come across Val's site and to have gotten to know her. You will love and enjoy her and her site. It is a must see after you download her book.

    Bonus #5
    Lifetime Updates

    You will also have access to lifetime updates as revisions and new reports become available. Coming soon-a special report on comic book cataloging software!

    Comic Book Collection
    Yes Dave, this looks great! Finally, an easier way to learn what I need to know about comic books.
    I understand I get instant access to download the product, and that I get a 60-day money-back guarantee.

    Just$27.00 if you order now!
    Get Instant Access!

    And my Ironclad Guarantee!

    There is nothing else like this available, anywhere. I hope that you will be able to benefit from all the information in my all inclusive Comic Book Collection guide and your 5 free bonuses, as much as I have.

    .P.S. Remember, you have 60 days to read my guide BEFORE you decide if you want to keep it!

    Best Regards,

    Dave Gieber
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