How to Find Comic Book Values;
Use Comic Book Movies!!

Comic book values? I imagine the number one question I get from my visitors and subscribers is how much are their individual comics worth? This is kind of a tough question to answer without a lot of detailed info and a fair amount of research time.

The individual value of comic books these days are all over the map. Values can range from a few dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars. The upper limit, though, is quite rare.

Individual comic book values have so many factors involved, that many collectors may not have a clue as to how to evaluate their own magazines. You came to the right place.

I have discovered a technique to buying low and selling high! It is a very prolific and inspiring idea that also uses one of my favorite past times, comic book movies! But I first instruct people to look in the current Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide for a value estimate. This is only the start though.


And now, for a limited time (til whenever I decide to discontue the offer), if you purchase the Overstreet Guide through my affiliate links on this page, I have a special gift for you. If you send me your Heritage receipt at ifdgdw@comcastdotcom (of course changing the dot to a .) I will send you a copy of my Comic Book Collecting eBook and all it’s bonuses. You can further read about my eBook at

my comic book eBook page.And don’t forget to send me your receipt. This is the only way I can tell it was you who purchased. I thank you ahead of time.

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And now the fun stuff! Several months ago I was contacted by another enthusiastic comic collecting person with a dynamite web site. We began conversing back and forth quite regularly. And come to find out, he is rather an expert on determining comic book values. And he sure has added to my pricing knowledge.

Now if I may borrow his headline, “Discover How You Can Take Advantage of the Most Amazing Comic Book Values Explosion in History! Get the Inside Secrets of How Comic Book Movies are Propelling Comics to New Heights - and How You Can Take Advantage Now!”

In this day and age of continuous Hollywood blockbuster superhero movies, hides an investment technique known to only a handful. Want to learn that information? Follow along then.

What if you had a crystal ball, or in my case, I prefer a time machine, to determine future comic book prices? Well, until some bright young physicist figures out how to use Einstein’s theories to his advantage, future prices are out of our reach. Or are they?

My secret weapon (Sean) has determined that superhero movies have an amazing effect on comic book prices and you Must take advantage Now!

If you want to profit from the Comic Book Movie Phenomenon you must know these "insider secrets":

  • What Specific Comic Books have profited from the movies
  • How to pick the magazines that will profit in the future
  • Where to get insider knowledge of movie news ahead of the pack
  • How to buy or acquire the "picks" for deep discounts
  • Exactly when to sell the picks
  • How to squeeze every last penny of profit from each and every comic book movie saleWell, I hope Sean doesn’t mind, but I ripped just a few words from his more experienced explanation. If you want the full effect of what he has to offer then just visit his comic book values page.And I hope you enjoy the plethora of superhero and antihero movies that have been bombarding us over the last several years as much as I do. Then why not kill two birds with one stone and make a few bucks (or more!) from those comics that inspired the movies. Why should Hollywood have all the fun? While you are learning about your new favorite comic book movie, you can start boning up on investment knowledge of the current values.Now, rather than me droning on about my fascination and excitement of this phenomenon known only by a few, head on over and let Sean explain his comics, movies and cash bundle to you. And if you become as excited as I am, come on back and post your comments at my contact me page. I’d sure appreciate it. Thanks!Dave
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