How Much is My
Comic Book Worth?

How much is my comic book worth? Great title!! This is the number one question I am asked from my visitors and subscribers. And this is related to the second biggest question asked. Where do I sell my comic books?

I am glad you found this page! I have been working on a new product that will greatly enhance your knowledge on these two questions. I have also created a comic book survey to ask you what is most important in determining answers to these big questions.

In the last few years, there have been million dollar comics surface. A few individual comics have been purchased for up to $2.1 million. Amazing! Do you have comic books worth that much?? I doubt it, but you may have several in the $20 to $100 range or more. Where do I sell my comic books, you may ask? Want to learn? Take a few minutes and fill out my comic book survey. 

I will also send you a copy of my comic collecting ebook for submitting the survey. You can read about it at my comic collecting eBook page but don't order. The download URL will appear on the thank you page you will receive after hitting the submit button.

Thank you for your survey results. Just fill out below:

Determining Comic Book Value Survey

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