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I've got a simply fantastic periodic newsletter that comes out whenever I have something of serious interest in the world of comic books to report or when one of my readers has asked a question that I can actually answer. Take a moment now to sign up. I will never share your name or email address with anyone else at any time or for any reason. It is not their newsletter, it is ours.

What you will receive in this unique publication:

  • Interesting comic news of the day
  • Tips on collecting
  • Pricing information
  • Preservation tips for your collection
  • Resources to satisfy your hunger for comic books
  • A publication for your own fascinating stories, if you have any
  • Time to time convention reporting
  • Website updates
  • Occasional product review. I will let you know what is worth it and what is not.
  • Free 5-day course on comic book collecting basics
  • Anything else you would like to see...All things comic books, will arrive into your email inbox as I discover them! Sign up today and stay on the forefront of comic book collecting. I value my subscribers and your email address will never be given away to a 3rd party for any reason. Your privacy is important to me. Thanks again and I look forward to satisfying your hunger, reviewing your comments and publishing your own unique stories and articles. "Comics Galore" is your comic book ezine, just type in your first name and email address in the box below, then hit submit. It's that easy.Sincerely,Dave Gieber
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