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Looking for a great place to find a comic book review? A syndicated columnist who has been doing comic book product reviews since about 1991 has contacted me. His name is Michael Vance and apparently he have one of the longest running most read comic-book-review columns around.

He has agreed to send me his weekly column that I will start posting on this page. It should give you an ample supply of good comic book review information. So keep checking back often.

You can read a little more about Michael and his "Suspended Animation" comic book review here. Also an interview with Michael .

Posted 7/31/06
Runaways, published by Marvel Comics, 144 pages, $7.99.

Posted 8/7/06
Hero Gets Girl by Kurt Schaffenberger

Posted 8/11/06
Pogo Revisited by Walt Kelly

Posted 8/19/06
The Preposterous Voyages of Iron-Hide-Tom!

Posted 8/25/06

Posted 9/01/06
Our Gang

Posted 9/08/06
Roger Rabbit!

Posted 9/20/06
The Hire!

Posted 9/23/06
Bill Mauldin’s Army!

Posted 9/29/06
David: The Shepherds Song!

Posted 10/04/06
Here is a press release written by Michael Vance about The Oklahoma Cartoonists Collection Museum!

Posted 10/06/06
"The Man from Krypton: a Closer Look at Superman"!

Posted 10/13/06
Shamballa, Anderson PSI Division!

Posted 10/20/06
Decoy: Menagerie!

Posted 10/27/06
Sadhu Sundar Singh!

Posted 11/03/06
Comics Legends-Fredrick Opper!

Posted 11/10/06
Iron West-Image Comics!

Posted 11/17/06
Archie and Friends!

Posted 11/24/06
Grunts, a War Comic!

Posted 12/02/06
Jack of Fables, a Twist on Fairytales!

Posted 12/09/06
Franklin Richards, Son of a Genius Super Summer Spectacular!

Posted 12/15/06
Trouble With Girls, the Story of a Super Spy!

Posted 12/25/06
Marvel Comics What If, Alternate Superhero Stories!

Posted 12/29/06
Metal Hurlant, what is this about?

Posted 1/05/07
Marvel: The Characters And Their Universe!

Posted 1/12/07
Para, a Super Collider’s Story!

Posted 1/24/07
Red Menace, a comic book during "The McCarthy Hearings"!

Posted 1/26/07
The Killer, a 10 part graphic novel!

Posted 2/03/07
Captain Clockwork, Space-Time Keeper!

Posted 2/09/07
Vampirella, Mistress of the Dark!

Posted 2/17/07
The Damaged #1, by A-10 Comics!

Posted 2/23/07
Ed’s Terrestrials – Three Cute Little Aliens!

Posted 3/02/07
Even White Boys Get the Blues!

Posted 3/09/07
Batman and the Monstermen!

Posted 3/23/07
Shark-Man; and Who is This?

Posted 4/20/07
Okko: The Cycle of Water! If you want to keep up on the varied and interesting activities going on in the world of comic books, then feel free to sign up for my newsletter "Comics Galore" in the form below. And by all means, I would love to hear your comments and opinions on these Comic Book Reviews. You can sure leave them for me at my contact page in the menu at the left. I may even be able to include them in my newsletter. I thank you ahead of time.

Dave Gieber

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