The Hire!

The Hire

The Hire, published by Dark Horse, 104 pages, $17.95.

Need to get from point A to point B as fast and as safely as possible? Need a read that jacks up your adrenaline level with adventure, humor and mayhem?

The answer to both needs is the same: The-Hire. Based on web episodes found at, The Hire trade paperback collects the four-issue mini-series from Dark Horse Comics about a gentleman simply referred to as "The Driver." His talent? He's the best there is behind the wheel, when you absolutely, positively have to get where you're going.

Let's start with the obvious appeal; The Hire is as much an adrenaline rush as a comic book can be. And, while it's admittedly light on characterization, by it's very nature as an action story, the individual writers do manage to keep the characters from being boring.

Did I say "individual writers"? I sure did. That's another appealing factor of this book. It's written by some of the biggest names in comics, including Matt Wagner, Mark Waid, Bruce Campbell, Kurt Busiek and Steven Grant. Seeing all of these writers put The Driver through his paces in their own unique way, back to back no less, would be a thrill for most any comic fan.

Keeping with the "anthology" feel of the book, each story also sports a different fan-favorite artist. Matt Wagner (penciling his own story), Kilian Plunkett, Claude St. Aubin and Francisco Ruiz Velasco all put their mark on this BMW property.

So, the long and short of it? If you're looking for something that's fun to read and showcases many different creative styles, The Hire is for you. And, even being largely a "wait for the trade" kind of guy,I'll still recommend any of the single issues, as they all stand alone very well. And, let's face it, no creator is everyone's "cup of tea."

The Hire is recommended for all readers. Find it at comics shops and online comics retailers and auctions.

Mark Allen

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