Heroine or Villainess?

Catwoman, alias Selina Kyle, has been amazing readers for over 50 years now. As part of the DC Comics superhero universe, she is a female cat burglar who literally dresses in a cat-like costume while on her capers. Although originally introduced as an opponent for Batman, the status of Cat-woman as hero or villain is ambiguous; she has her own moral code and has occasionally teamed up with Batman against greater threats.

Character Overview

"She moves in grace through mystery. A cat-burglar slipping and gliding through the night, her body cutting the darkness in whispers. A thief who takes more than the glitter of diamonds and pearls. A woman, a shadow, who can steal a man's eye and his imagination, maybe even his heart...if it's dark enough."-Jean Paul Valley

This Cat Lady is the world's greatest cat-burglar. As she slinks through the streets of Gotham City, she is ever in search of treasure and bounty. This whip-wielding “Mistress of Malevolence”, has been keeping Batman hot and bothered for over fifty years now. In her ever-changing but always form-fitting catsuit, she has managed to hold her own in a universe populated by sociopaths and megalomaniacs.

Due to her rather unusual profession and her cat-like qualities, she derived her name. Cunning, stealthy, and mysterious, she is neither super-hero nor arch-villain. She can stand her ground in a fight with any man, including Batman. Is she heroine or villainess? Mostly she is just a thief, trying to avoid the spotlight and innocent bystanders.

Unlike most of Batman's foes, Catwoman is not out for mass destruction or world domination. She's in it for the money. Occasionally she can be caught doing a good deed. As with any cunning unpredictable female though, when she is surrounded by bad, she is good and when surrounded by good, she is bad. And when engulfed by the presence of Batman!! Cat-woman and Batman have developed a grudging respect, and maybe more, for each other over the years. The sexual tension when they are together is almost palpable. That they are made for each other is obvious to everyone but them.

The Feline Fatale was chosen as one of the 25 best comic book villains, the only woman to make the cut. Even after 50 years, her appeal is undiminished. New generations of comic fans fall under her spell, with skintight spandex and a whip. She will continue to prowl the streets of Gotham City while antagonizing Batman, for years to come.

With this quick synopsis of the origins of Catwoman, I hope I have piqued your curiosity. For a more in depth profile definition, you can jump to this Catwoman article.

Some Exciting Catwoman Extras

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