Archie Comics,
a Blast from the Past!


Archie’s Double Digest #s 179 & 180/$3.69 and 161 pgs. each from Archie Comics Publications/various writers and artists/sold in lots of places, unlike most comic books published today.

Archie Comics is often criticized for being out-of-touch with reality. This criticism usually comes from readers who are obsessed with the ‘reality’ of super-heroes.


It is true that in Archie’s world, there is no war or violence, drug or sex abuse, pornography or perversion. You would like to live there. It is also true that Archie’s world is full of jokes like this: Jughead: “What do you think causes global warming?” Archie: “Reggie’s hot air!”


It is equally true that the stories and single-page jokes and games are drawn in a style most associated with the limited animation on television called cartoons, also off-putting for fans of overly-muscled, spandex-clad super folk. So, what’s not to love?

Most stories are built around the conflicts of human relationships, particularly of young boys and young girls learning to understand one another in a teenage world of fads and peer pressure and adult expectations. They are set at high school, restaurants, movie theaters, the beach, and the usual places where teenagers with little or no money gather.

For variety, these two digests also feature the gang in the distant future, and Archie as Tarzan. And most of the stories are just fun.

Archie’s Double Digest is highly recommended for pre- and young teenagers, and for folks who need a brief vacation from our sick and broken world. MV

MINIVIEW: Freshmen II #s 2 & 3 [Top Cow]. An explosion on a college campus creates new superheroes, but you won’t care. Nice art can’t overcome a story so convoluted with multiple plots and scene changes that suspension of disbelief is destroyed. Freshman IIis just too much work to enjoy. MV

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