Cerifying the crazy frenzy

by Joey Alvarez
(San Antonio, tx)

I think the love for the comic collecting hobby has turned for the worst. Even though CGC has provided a means for the comic collector an investment option, it also has created an uncontolled market for what is worthy as a collectible rather than what is hot. I offer a solution to this craziness. Instead of books being automatically certified in the modern age, hot off the press books should be certified 5 years after being released. this would prevent a glut of cgc modern books on eBay.

Another problem is the opening of cgc books and the seller selling them as certified unopened books. Based on what CGC states they have to be re-certified.

Also, if a book has been restored by a professional why penalize the comic collector. Preserving should be a top priority, and should be given their own category rather than comparing them to a non restored book.

In the end it should be about preserving the integrity of the comic book collector and guiding them to safe collecting market full of memories as a kid, and as an older kid who wants to re-kindle those memories as a kid.

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