CGC comic grading useful or not?

by Bob
(Las Vegas Nevada)

To be blunt, it matters what kind of collector you are. If you are somebody that is into huge numbers of comics to be able to say you have xxxx number of comics a graded comic just isn't worth the grading fee. If you are somebody that collects comics to enjoy reading them and rereading them having a sealed comic from a grader is more of a pain in the butt than anything. If you are a collector of rare and valuable comics grading is worth the fees and hindrances of sealing up the comic to slow the aging process and stopping more damaging the comic from handling.

Lets just make a realistic assumption, one day most of us will stop actively collecting and put our collections in a safe place. The nice thing about a graded comic is when you need money you can go back to the collection that we stored years ago and we can pick the comics to sell according to its graded condition.

The object of EVERY serious comic buyer is to pay you the least they can and sell it for the most they can. A grader has nothing to gain by miss-grading your comic, however the person who is buying your comic knows each flaw they find means more money they get to keep, at some point you may just choose not to sell it. A graded comic stops this buyer from finding flaws to pay you less. It's a known condition now it's all in the haggling. To me that in itself makes grading worth it, it gives me more leverage during the process of agreeing on a buying price.

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