CGC Graded Comic Books

by Todd W.
(Adams Center, NY USA)

I have to agree with you that the fun part of collecting comics is in the reading of them. I have with some of my comic books, read them up to 4-5 times. So once you have your books graded, unless you want to remove them from the protective case, you cannot read them.

Sure you can take them out but it voids the certification & grading. If your one of those people that re-reads your books there's a simple and affordable way to be able to re-read your books. You can purchase TPB & Graphic Novels.

Simple as can be, you can re-read the TPB & Graphic Novels without worrying about the value going down because with these books for the most part, values don't go up, they stay at cover price.

I own around 20 CGC graded books and I'm addicted to it. It increases their value, puts them in a protective case which protects the comics far greater than what the average collector can do, and when buying or selling there's no questions about the condition of the comic. One problem I do have with the graded books is the cases crack, chip & break way to easily.

Other than that I'm planning on joining CGC very soon and am thinking about checking out PGX. PGX graded books look about the same as CGC but they are far cheaper to get graded and the turn-around time is much faster.

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