CGC is a Scam

by Peter Grant

I have a Tales to Astonish #27, married cover. It was sent off to CGC. It should have come back as a 9.2 or a 9.4 But it came back as a 6.0.

As far as I can find out from CGC, but they are a bit vague, they say it has a crease on the back cover. What a joke. I have some 6.0 X-men and they are more like a 9.0. They (CGC) cannot grade. They are so inconsistent.

I showed other dealers that they were totally gob smacked. I think they employ monkeys to grade. I have been collecting comics since I was 6 years old. I have been selling since 1960.

I think slabbing is a red herring. I opened a slabbed comic. I was amazed at the inner plastic they use. I believe that this plastic is not a neutral component and speaking to someone here in the UK, the response was that putting a comic in cheap material (cheap plastic), aint gonna do any good. The comic cannot breathe so therefore, in years to come it's no worse than sticking in a damp room. I rest my case. Anyway CGC's prices are inflated.

From admin: While I have no problem with an intelligent conversation against the usefulness of CGC as a third party grader, I do need to keep my content standards up to keep my readers happy and to keep the search engines happy.

So I had to edit Peter's narrative quite a bit for spelling and grammar mistakes, while trying to adhere to his basic intent. He also had supplied a couple of graphics that were too illegible to use.

Now, after saying this, I realize that CGC has definitely been controversial over the years. So if there are any comments to Peter's commentary, then by all means, feel free to voice them. And if need be, I will clean them up to appear on my site. Thanks. Dave

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Mar 15, 2017
Keep comic books raw NEW
by: USNav2724

CGC is a scam in the sense that they overprice for their services. Grading a current $2.99 dollar book for example costs at least $18 dollars (last I checked). When the same book is graded (any grade) and slabbed, it does NOT make the value of the book $21. My point is this, sellers who get their books graded and then sell the books have to recuperate the cost of grading/shipping. A $2.99 dollar book is worth $2.99. The encapsulation or 'slab' as they refer to it is just hard plastic that preserves the book - so they claim. The school of thought prior to CGC was to allow the book to 'breathe' in order to allow harmful gases produced through the breakdown of the inks and paper itself to escape and not cause damage. Paper is a cellulose, plant based material, it will breakdown even in sealed environments. CGC is a waste of $ and unnecessarily drives the cost of the book up. It IS a scam and will destroy the collecting hobby. The grades are inconsistent and profit driven. No such thing as a guaranteed grade.

Oct 09, 2016
A Problem found with early CGC packaged books
by: RobOman

The early CGC packaged books had a problem with the cover clinging to the plastic and if the book got dropped the right way the staples would pull out, found two different books graded 9.0 or higher with torn staples. but no problem unless your buyer opens the darn package and then wants to sue you.

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