CGC/PGX Certification

by Bryon Stephens
(San Antonio, Texas 78254)

I was captured by the cover

I was captured by the cover

I have been collecting for the past 45 years, since I was nine. My collection consisted of Avengers comics. I had all but the first two issues. Later on I sold all 3000 in my collection.

When I began my Avengers collection again, I found the fun was in the collecting. Since then I have purchased a few of the CGC comics. I found you need to be careful, the pricing seems to get out of hand. I own 11 CGC comics, of various titles. One is Avengers #2 graded at 3.5, which I did purchase for 200 dollars. I was like a kid again when I got it.

This third party grading has its place as long as people don't let it get out of hand!

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