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Thanks for your comic book newsletter request. You will be receiving a conformation email shortly. Just want to make sure it was you that signed up. Just click on the conformation link in that email. Then you will start receiving the 5-day course shortly. Hope you enjoy it and it helps you with your current comic book collection or it starts you on the right track to a rather enjoyable hobby.

“Comics Galore” our new comic book newsletter will arrive approximately once a month and will have a little bit of everything about the world of comics and collecting. I sure hope to feature interesting stories and articles from you also. It is YOUR newsletter.

A Helpful Tip

As your comic book collection grows, you will definitely want to keep tabs on the individual worth of each of your magazines. Individual comic book dollar value can sure take on a major range. Six figure prices to less than cover price can be seen every day. So how do we determine where our collections fit into this astronomic range of value?

In all my research so far, it seems that “The Overstreet Comic Book Price" is the bible of most active comic book collectors. I have my copy in electronic format, reachable from my desktop. It is very handy. If you truly want to understand what your magazines are worth, the first thing you need to do is to determine the physical condition of each comic book. The next step in your pricing exercise is to then go through the myriad of pages to find your particular issues. Along with your now determined physical and grade conditions, you can find your issue’s current assumed value.

I do believe this guide to be an invaluable and inexpensive resource to have and I don’t think you will be disappointed with it. You can visit Heritage Comics to learn more about the guide. The only drawback I have determined with this guide, is the huge amount of information available. Over 700 pages worth, but then you can become a pricing expert in your own right, once you have devoured all this priceless knowledge. And thank you again for signing up for our comic book newsletter.


Dave Gieber

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