Comic Book Prices; One Dollar
or Five Thousand Dollars?

Comic book prices! Are you a collector or investor of comic books? Do you know the difference? Well, a collector is an individual who has a comic book collection with the intent to keep and display. A comic book investor is one who makes a business or practice of collecting comic books with the intent of selling to others. Many collectors these days are a hybrid of the two. They have some comics they intend to keep for themselves while others are to be sold at some later date. And thus, there is a higher degree of interest in comic book prices.

A Comic Book Stock Exchange?

Yes, I have discovered a site that, for lack of a better phrase, discusses comic books like the S & P discusses stocks. Want to get an estimate of the going rate of a particular issue from a particular series? Or get an indication of a series’ worth in general? Then you have to check out comic book prices and comparisons.

Do you want to know what a copy of Amazing Spider-Man #129 is worth? Looks like it could be $400.00. Of course prices fluctuate everyday. This comic book exchange site is the place to keep up on market fluctuations. A word to the wise though. You may need to surf and read for a while to understand how to use this site fully and above all, follow the terms of usage and any other helpful suggestions. Think you have an idea of what your particular comic book is worth? Check this site and read some of their helpful articles. It may surprise you.

And again, as I have stated on another web page, having your own copy of Overstreet’s Comic Book Price Guide at your fingertips is another invaluable resource. You can receive it in a matter of minutes and you can spend hours and hours reading about all the exciting comic book prices information.

This inexpensive download can make you a comic book pricing expert in your own right. You can then help all your friends with their pricing information. And it is right on your desktop at a moment’s notice. That is where I keep mine.

And Now, Profit from Comic Book Movies!

Hot dog! I have now had the fine pleasure of getting to know a master of comic book pricing tatics. He has some amazing info on how to track comic books that have corresponding movies in the works and how to profit from them. Why let Hollywood movie moguls be the only intities profiting from Superhero movies? Sean shows you how to buy low and sell high. And what to buy and what not to as you follow a new movie. So if you want to have fun and make a few bucks go check out out Sean's "Comics, Movies and Cash" bundle. 'Nough said!

New Comic Book Prices

Well, I guess if you are also interested in current comic-book-prices at the newsstand and such, that also merits some discussion. While cruising some of the bookstores and grocery stores downtown, it looks like single issues are going for $3.00 to about $6.00. Boy, that is sure different from my younger days when they were 10 to 12 cents an issue. I guess that kind of dates me doesn’t it?

It still appears to me, that if you are really interested in a certain comic book line, yearly subscriptions are really the way to go. They can be had for around $20.00 to $30.00, which equates to roughly $2.00 an issue. Definitely cheaper than newsstand prices, don’t you think?

You can also see what Chuck over at Mile High Comics has to offer, although he does deal a lot in back issues, but hey, it’s worth a check.

You will be able to find other links to some very interesting and informational resources throughout my site. To get back to my comic book price guide page, just close this browser or go to the menu at the top left.

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