CRIMSON: The Motion Picture

CRIMSON: The Motion Picture is a feature length action film with a comic book theme. The plot: After suffering a tragic accident, comic book artist Walter Levitte takes on the persona of his latest character, CRIMSON, and proceeds to clean up his town of the Irish Mafia.

Written by Michael Shimmel, directed by Ken Cosentino and produced by Little Sicily Productions. Starring James Ventry, Gus Posey, Dale Rugg, Adah Hagen, Lizzy Bruno, and Mike Leszczynski as CRIMSON.

Director's statement: After my first feature film "Break The Sky" played in Hollywood to a packed crowd, I was left with the feeling that I needed more. Mike Shimmel brought the rough script for 'CRIMSON' to me and I immediately knew he had something. We made some changes, recruited a solid crew, and held auditions. The entire process was a rollercoaster ride, both physically and emotionally.

There were many aspects within this movie that I hadn't explored before, mostly regarding the stunts and equipment. We had guys flying through glass cabinets, nunchuks, explosives, professional fight choreography; the whole nine yards. I have always enjoyed stories with well rounded characters and an anti-hero. If anything else, I have walked away from this experience a better director, and I'm eager to start the next one!

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