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Thanks again for your interest in comic books and my new ebook, "Comic Book Collecting, A Starting Point". I just need you to fill out the short form below for security and fraud purposes so I can send you the download details. This also allows me to put you on my mailing list for future updates in the comic book world and possibly a low-volume newsletter at some point in time.

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I hate SPAM as much as you do and I will never share your information with anyone. I use it only for my list mailing purposes. You won't receive much mail from me. Only when something relevant to the comic book world comes up. I am just too busy to bombard you will useless information. My whole intent is to create a central hub for all individuals interested in comic books and comic book collecting. So I don't have time to be sending useless info. Thanks again and the download page will be at your disposal as soon as you fill out the form below. Bookmark that page and enjoy your new book.

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