Golden Boy

by Craig
(New Jersey)

John Beck is a capitalist. He is also a superhero. Bright blonde hair, shiny white teeth, piercing blue eyes and a body that makes women melt. Often caught between his endorsments and his duties he Relies on his manager Jones, and his Sexy love interest and secretary Tara to keep him straight. He was born with the ability to harness his bodies natural energy. He can spike it to form powerful force fields, throw it as a blast of energy, harness it to give him super human strength and use it to lift himself off the ground giving him flight. He doesn't bother much with why he has these abilities, he focuses on what he can do with them. With powers that can help so many, and a personality that screams hollywood, he is a true clash of Gold and Green. Appearing on talk shows, movies, special events, and still maintaining his presence as a super powered, super funny, super stud in a city that lends itself to the unbelievable.

I have completed 5 stories featuring this Hero and he is important to a universe full of fantastic and heroic people.

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