Guardians #0, A New Comic for a New Age

by Todd Black

A couple years ago I decided that I wanted to become a comic book writer. After a long time of plotting, writing, and finding an artist I am proud to say that my comic has been published. My comic is called Guardians, and it's available on Comixology (link below).

What is Guardians? Well....

Guardians takes place in Delta City. A city known for its contributions to science and technology. However because of that the city is littered with crime. At first the people try to ignore it, pretend it doesn't exist, but soon it becomes too much to bare. They call out to the maker of the world for help.

"They asked for angels, they prayed for saviors, what they received...were Guardians."

Two powerful beings were sent down. Two brothers, united, and given a single purpose: "Protect the city and its inhabitants." And they do so, very well I might add.

Where's the twist? Yeah, there is one. They were literally created to protect the city, but they weren't given any knowledge of how to handle the people. What do they say to them? What would they say to them? They don't know, and it scares them a little. They'll defend the city with everything they have...but what comes after that? Is there more to life than just the purpose I was given?

That's the beauty of Guardians in my opinion. To watch these two beings go from literal fish out of water, to...well human. It's going to be a rough road, a lot of good and bad things will happen to them. There resolve and determination will be tested, what they know about the world will be proven both right and wrong.

I've got a really cool cast of characters for my Guardians to interact with, some will teach them valuable lessons, some will force lessons upon them, and some will change them forever. And I can't wait to write it all out and show you all.

So if you think you're interested please check it out, then please spread the word about Guardians. I want to make this a series, I've got my first arc mostly done (just waiting to be published), but to finish it and continue on I need help. I thank you for your time and hope you'll check out Guardians.

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If you would like a small preview of my comic then click the link below. It gives a little bit of the backstory of my comic and gives a sneak peek as to what will happen if the story continues...

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