Hunter Killer, Rogue Superhero
or mid series Confusion!

Hunter Killer

Hunter Killer #11/21 pages and $2.99 from Top Cow/words: Mark Waid; pencils: Kenneth Rocafort/sold at comics shops and

I am so confused.

I'd read the series synopsis on the interior front cover, and the "Previously" blurb outlining what had happened in earlier issues. I thought I'd caught the flavor of this superhero comic book. Then I read the story.

There were so many intertwined plots and characters that I finished the last page with only one overwhelming reaction. "Huh?" Granted,one should expect some unanswered questions when joining a series in progress, but "huh" is not an incentive to read future issues.

I re-read the synopsis. It didn't help much. Sure the art is terrific, even though the style is the typical exaggerated reality that has become a clich‚ for superhero titles. But there's simply too much packed into this issue to make entry into the series easy and enjoyable.

The mega plot is about a genetic super-race living in a world populated by common Joe's. They self-police their members to keep the world safe from rogue super-humans. In short, they are the X-Men with a twist.

Previous to this issue, the "Ultra-Sapien" strike-force has enlisted a new recruit who turns out to be more than expected. He is a rogue in the making.

The current issue is about his making, and about three or four other subplots. I'm not sure of the number because I couldn't bring myself to re-read the story.

The creative team is obviously talented, but needs to remember than less is more. I am not alone in my opinion. I believe the last survey I read said that if a new television show doesn't catch a new viewer's attention in the first few minutes, that viewer will not return. I suspect the same is true for comic books. MV

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