I would Never buy a CGC

by Rafael
(Charlotte, NC)

I have been reading comics since the early 1980s. I collect everything from bronze, silver, and modern age and would never buy anything in a CGC case. I think it's great that they grade comics, but a horrible idea to encase it and then make it basically unreadable.

This is just as bad as the 90s trend when everything was polybagged and you couldn't open it or you'd lose it's value. It takes the fun out of collecting. Comics were meant to be opened and read. They were meant to be absorbed and as a long time collector I can tell you there is nothing finer than the smell and feel of an aged comic.

Even the Dead Sea Scrolls when they were found, were eventually and carefully opened and they have been displayed in museums all over the world for people to experience and enjoy. I really hope this becomes a trend. I can't justify paying the cost for it to be graded and then for it to be forever encased... What good is collecting if all you do is just look at the covers?

My final thought is that if you truly do love comics and you do this, then you must just love comics for the money you are hoping they will bring.

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