Ian smith London uk

by Ian smith
(London uk)

Personally I think CGC (or PGX) do have great 'pros', a example would be, I purchased a loose copy of HERO FOR HIRE 1 on eBay for about £60 ($100), shipped from USA to UK I was happy until a dealer inspected it for me and noticed it had been 'colour touched' on the spine, so, I re-sold this comic on eBay stating the colour touch, and used the money from that to put towards purchasing a CGC HERO FOR HIRE 1 9.0, and now I know exactly what I'm getting.

If I wanted to read it, I could always buy a really rough cheap one so I don't see the problem with having high grade books 'slabbed'. Otherwise we would all be reading our high grade stuff with rubber gloves on.


Ian smith
London uk.

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