In the Wake of Heroes Available at Several Locations Across the Country!

by Lee Kolinsky
(Wantagh, NY, USA)

In the Wake of Heroes Available at Several Locations Across the Country!

NEW YORK – Operation: In the Wake of Heroes has commenced and is now available at several locations. The 16-page issue from Blue Eye Comics confronts the nightmares of elder care in America.

“In the Wake of Heroes reveals the troubles that most seniors have and the challenges of health care,” said Lee Kolinsky, creator and writer. “As we move forward with the series, we explore a moment in time of each character and how they came to the decision of going on their one last mission.”

In the Wake of Heroes follows Colonel Jason Roman as he watches his buddies experience the harsh truths of ageism, family neglect and the issues of senior living. Tired of seeing his generation left behind by society, the Colonel recruits a wild bunch of geriatrics and launches a full scale kamikaze-style operation across the globe. In return, he hopes to provide his peers with some final moments of dignity and a fully funded military funeral.

Produced by Blue Eye Comics, In the Wake of Heroes is a new series written and created by Lee Kolinsky with art by Sham Arifin. For more information contact or go to .

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Media Contact:
Lee Kolinsky
516-606-4208 .

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