Not so trust worthy from what I have been told.

by Steve


I used to be a avid comic book collector and still have 3 boxes full of them and with all the comic movies and the stuff I have been hearing about the high prices of CGC graded comics I have kind of got interested again and got my collection out from when I was a kid. " haven't even had them out of the closet in probably over 10 or 15 years " so it's been a while!

Anyway I was just talking to a Guy I know who owns a comic shop and asked him how do you go about getting them graded? Well he told me what you had to do but we also got in to a long conversation about CGC he said a friend of his had a first appearance of Spiderman and before they sent it off they took several pictures of it.

Well when he got it back it was a lower grade than what he thought and when they got to looking at the cover it had a PEN mark on the front of it! That wasn't there before and cycle Claims that it was. But they have the pics to prove it.

Anyway sounds kind of shady and I have also been told that they give better grades to the big comic book companies than to someone who just sends in a few! Now all this is just what I've been told but it's enough to make me weary of the whole thing.

Thanks Steve, for your submission. Oh, I do like pros and cons on a subject. Makes for a lively conversation. So what are your thoughts on Steve's submission? Feel free to add your comments. Anyone with similar experiences or opposite experiences? Thanks again Steve and all who comment.


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