PGX is good for Insurance

Thanks man,

You provided me with some info I couldn't decipher on the CGC site -- the cost of slabbing. I then fired off an almost profane email to CGC for their obvious intial rip off -- not telling customers the cost !

What a bunch of weasels; make it so confusing people don't know what they pay.

I agree also that I hate slabbed comics and I love to read, and smell, them.. the comics, mostly Golden Age. New ones don't smell as good.

However, slabbing does provide the advantage of INSURANCE COVERAGE. Years ago I got shafted by insurance when an overflowing sewer line hit my collection - OH THE HORROR... THE HORROR...

Anyway, to pay out, they needed the grade of the damaged issues, and if it's not an expert opinion like CGC you could get screwed too.


D. Brownridge

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