Ripped off by CGC

by Bill
(Fort Collins CO USA)

Been a collector for many years and finally took the plunge sending my Hulk #1 to CGC for grading. Spent almost $200 Performing a Huge Mistake. I have seen many comics graded by CGC over the years and mine should have graded at least a 3 but have seen 3.5-4.0 on a regular basis for the condition. Those clowns at CGC graded a 2.5.

When contacted they would not even respond to my concerns. Awful customer service, quoting a 15 business day turn around (taking 23 business days) and Not responding to my concerns.

Needless to say I am done with that "Business" and will Ballyhoo CGC nonsense till the day I die. Was leery when they started and now confirmation has been had. 1 last note, I dislike their changing the grading system that had been in place so long.

Admin: Now when I see a review about CGC like this, it sure makes me wonder about their validity! There are going to be bad experiences with a company every now and again. But a company worth their salt will go overboard to provide a good user experience.

Is CGC heading down the road of not caring about their customers? I don't know. What are other's experiences with CGC? Dave

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Apr 27, 2012
customer service
by: Anonymous

Have never used CGC, would like to slab a few through them, just out of curiosity.

But, thus far when I have called or emailed. Their customer service is curt, sometimes sounding cranky or annoyed. and they in no way whatsoever ebnd to accomadate a customer. Maybe if I was a Big $$ customer, they would have treated me differently.

But as Joe Schmoe Enthusiast, I got the impression my business wasn't a big deal for them.

And, in addition to the fees, there is a general $5 fee now, and you either have to pay for a membership, or take time off work to drive all over the earth to find a comic book dealer who submits to CGC.

I may still do it. Just to say I tried and have a few in the collection. But, I can't say I am thrilled with their service or Obstacle Course requirements for sending in a book (not to mention shipping and insurance and return shipping and return insurance fees).

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