How Do I Sell Comic Books that
aren’t Worth Thousands of Dollars?

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How do I sell comic books? This is a very popular topic on the Internet. The hottest topic I run into is “how much are my comic books worth”? Of course I address this question on other pages of my site. But many people on the Net are also interested in how to sell their collections.

Comic books are exciting. They are fun to purchase and read. And for those interested, they are fun to collect and sell later. Everyone has heard that old comics are worth a mint. Well, a little bit yes and a whole lot no. There are definitely older scarcer comic books worth a few hundred to a few thousand to even a million dollars or more. Oh, wouldn’t it be nice to have some of these comics tucked away somewhere!

But more often than not, most comics are not worth the big bucks we dream about. So how do I sell comic books that fall into the group? Visitors are asking me how do I “sell my comics” all the time. Well as we speak, I am planning a complete course on buying and selling your comic books. It’s not finished though. So, in the mean time I have come across another individual whose comic book expertise, I feel, is worth talking about here. He knows how to sell comics.

Of course there are auction sites like eBay, Heritage Comics or Christie’s. But these sites generally deal with the more worthy comic books. How do you sell comics that are your general run of the mill. Alan (first names only) has collected comic books and been a dealer for years. So in his travels through the comics world, he had discovered tricks and methods for selling batches and batches of run of the mill, common comics. Want to see what he has to offer? Click on over to sell comic books and see what he has to say.

Many of us, me included, have boxes and boxes of comics in storage, in our closets, in the spare room or the attic, just hangin’ around. Now many of mine I want to keep. I also want to start cataloging them and create video tutorials on how to catalog. But there are many of you that need the room or want to make a few extra bucks but also don’t want to accept mere pennies for your efforts. How do I sell my comic books?? Alan has some great ideas.

He does give you a bonus ebook about selling on eBay, but most of his ideas don’t move down well traveled paths, so they haven’t been beaten to death. He managed to use these methods to sell over 70,000 of his own comics and make a pretty good profit to boot! So with Alan’s ebooks, selling comic books becomes a piece of cake, well sort of. We all know nothing in this world is as easy as others try to make it out to be. That is part of marketing and Alan markets as well. It may be a shade harder to sell all your comics than you might anticipate. But you need a method and a plan. This is what you will get when you become a proud owner of Comic Selling Secrets System.

So go read what Alan has to say and see what you think. And like anything I deal with, there is a money back guarantee. If you want to learn how to sell comic books, this book is definitely a keeper. If it is not what you expected, then contact Alan and your purchase price will be refunded, no questions asked.

I have learned as I research more for my comic book collection site, that selling comic books and learning what they are worth are very important topics. So as you surf my site I hope I answer some of your questions. I also have some interactive pages where you can leave questions, comments, stories or what have you. Just go to the menu at the left and check them out. Hope you come back after checking out Alan’s ebooks.


Go to Sell Comic Books; Selling Secrets System

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