I have just witnessed The Amazing Bulk and its pretty safe to say... wow what an amazing movie and it was something completely different than what I thought it'd be. If you haven't yet, check out the trailer here and then come back to this review. You'll understand just what it is that I'm talking about.
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I was all geared up for a balls out crazy, terrible CGI (on purpose), awful acting, terrible direction, crapfest. And not only did I get all that... but I got so so much more. I figured out in the first 30 seconds just what this movie is ACTUALLY about. You see, the first 30 seconds are rips of various big name studios. So there's a ripoff Universal logo, Paramount, Fox, etc. Each of them hilarious. And then it dawned on me... perhaps this isn't just a dumb ripoff. Maybe there's some kind of context to it. Maybe... just maybe... this movie is actually a jab in the face of every OTHER comic book movie these days.

You know what I mean, these 200 billion dollar budget CGI-fests that run around claiming to be amazing. (Which most of them actually are) Maybe this movie is just a social commentary on the state of our films these days. The heart of it all is lost on these kinds of films. Realism is dead. (Real meaning something tangible with the ability to see it and touch it.) This movie just shows how RIDICULOUS it all really is when you strip it all down. Just one long fake movie.
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Heck yeah, did you see that big purple dude! HAHAHAHAHA I LOVE IT! That's how you make a movie friends. And I'm pretty sure that was the bald detective from earlier in the movie painted purple. HAHAHA That's so awesome. I'm telling everybody about this movie! THE WORLD MUST KNOW!

With a running time of around an 1:16, it makes for a lot of fanstaticness in one quick shot. You'd think that the whole green screen thing would get old pretty quickly but it doesn't. The background isn't half bad most of the time. It's just epic when they get in cars and stuff. Dammit all if I didn't cry laughing. Then there's glorious stock footage of rockets exploding all over the world, purple paints hulk fists, and the required amount of black guys in a bad movie: 1. OH MY YES!!

The ending. Oh my the ending. Once you've accepted the whole, "this movie is a spoof of big budget movies" thing...the ending makes complete sense. But if you're just watching it for the sake of watching it, then you'd swear that you're high.

All in all, this is worth it folks. Currently, this movie is looking for distribution. So if you're in that kind of business and are looking to make some money with this movie get in contact with Lewis Schoenbrun and buy his movie. It's AWESOME.

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