Third Party Grading: Yes

by Shawn

I buy quite a few comic books from ebay. Some sellers grade their items well, and some do not. I prefer pictures and a general idea as to the shape of the book. I am let down when I am told something is in near mint, but get the book and find it to be fine at best. We all have a reason as to why we collect. I enjoy the pleasure of reading the story, but I like the idea of collecting as well. When I buy a CGC or a PGX graded book, I have generally already read the story in a reprint of some form or another. There are holes in my collection that I want to fill and I sometimes want to do it with a graded book. I just received a CGC signature series book. I have the peace of mind knowing the signatures are authentic. I cannot get to the shows to get my own books. I got a great deal on ebay by getting in at the right time. I have a few key books that I eventually intend to send to either CGC or PGX for grading, just to know somebody feels it is the same grade I believe it is. I store other key books in top loaders for the sake of better protection. I feel my comic books are an investment. I will probably never get their worth out of them. But hopefully my children will. That, or I am just spending their college money on a bottemless pit of a hobby. Either way, I enjoy my books.

I have been collecting off and on for the last 27 years and have a collection close to 7000 books.

PS: I would really like to thank Shawn for his third party comic book grading contribution to my site. Dave

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