Thoughts from a comic lover

by Jimmy

First, I love comic books for their entertainment value first and foremost. I love to read them and see stories progress over years. I read at least 3 new (to me) comics everyday. However, I also love the hobby of collecting and finding comics that I need to fill in plot lines or sets.

This is where preservation comes in. We all have our favorite comic, or our oldest comic and time can be very mean to them. This is why i believe in preserving them in slabs. Having a grade that will never change can be very comforting to our favorites.

This is where I plug PGX, they have cheaper prices and no minimum amount of books that need to be sent in to get graded. Thus, making it easier to read your comic then send it in by itself if you wish to get it graded. However CGC has the upperhand in reputation. They have been around for a longer amount of time and have the reputation of having more experienced graders.

Sometimes I have even bought a well graded book slabbed, and a poor copy to read. I own both pgx and cgc comics, though not too many due to their "fair" market value. They are only worth what someone is willing to pay, therefore, the choice is left to us, the comic readers. I have seen 1 dollar comics being sold for 50 dollars because of the cgc slab and grade. So I admit that some are not worth it, but i have also seen 100 dollar comics sold for 80 dollars slabbed...worth it.

I am just happy taht people are interested in comics. Keep reading, enjoying, and being part of the comic any way you choose.

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