To slab or not to slab!

by Doug
(Coral Springs, Florida)

I think that slabbed books show a much better return than "raw" books. So many raw books are overgraded or retouched that it is very difficult to spend your hard earned cash on them. There are some very honest sellers of raw books but they are few and far between. But with a slabbed book, you know what you are getting and that's a good thing! True it's expensive. But it's worth the expense. Remember, not every book is a candidate for slabbing. With me, I will slab only Golden or Silver Age books, mainly "key" books and ones like Hulk #181. It's a great hobby! It can be a great business too! Just spend your hard earned cash wisely!

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Apr 17, 2012
Why Slabbed Comics Are Good!
by: Doug

Actually, i wish CGC was on the stock market so i can buy a few shares. This year i visited Orlando, New York, Boston, and alot of other small shows. The big buyers, especially from Latin America and Europe want no part of raw books. They are strictly looking for slabbed books. The big buyers steer away from the "raw"
books because of hidden restoration and trimmed books so often seen in the marketplace. I have over 4000 slabbed books and if i can't attend the show as a seller, i consign my books to a reputable seller. At the last NY show, i sold 71 of the 75 books consigned. All slabbed books. Of the 150 "raw" books i consigned, only 28 sold. Slabbed books are here to stay and when comics go digital, as they all will, these cultural artifacts from comic's silver and golden age will only go up.

Apr 17, 2012
Slab Grading No BetterThan Dealer Grading
by: moretoys1

I have been collecting comics since the 80's. Have seen many slabbed comics and the grading is just as inconsistent as dealer grading. CGC was just a created because a couple of dealers saw to make a big buck business doing what coins and cards did. I'll bet you I can round up 10 cgc graded 3.0's and you will have at least 5 different qualities. For those unaware, coin dealers get coins graded and if they do not get the grade they want, its cracked open and sent back till they do. Consisted - DON'T THINK SO

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