Two Fold Problem

One problem is obvious,more competition in the grading business is needed. I would seriously consider a new guy on the block cheaper than PGX. Hmmm maybe I have something there.

Also, (one option that would benefit me); how about grading but not slabbing. I could get an honest opinion what a book is worth at a cheap price.

Admin: The writer brings up a good point about competition. The 3rd party grading business has been dominated by CGC since their inception with PGX holding in second place (only two companies in the biz).

A few years ago there was a 3rd company, but for the life of me, I can't find them now. Must have gone out of business. I do believe more comic book grading companies that know what they are doing are needed. But you know, one thought struck me. With some of the high priced comic books of the last few years, could higher grades be bought from a grading company? If this is possible who should be regulating the grading systems?

As far as slabbing, I would think that some form of enclosed protective packaging is needed to maintain the grade and certification created for each comic. Otherwise a comic book may be subjected to further physical damage, yet their grade would not be changed! Dave

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