Adam Among the Gods, What does the Future Hold for Humanity?

Adam Among The Gods, published by Aazurn Publishing, 32 pages, $3.99.

Whether it be in a movie, a novel, a t.v. show or a comic book, fictional paradises generally end up falling short of utopian ideals. It’s the same with Aazurn Publishing’s “done-in-one” story, Adam Among The Gods.

For the uninitiated (Welcome to you, by the way.), “done-in-one” means a single story in a single issue. No need to buy multiple issues, or multiple series, for that matter, to see dangling plot lines resolved. A rare phenomenon in the world of comics of which I’m quite fond.

Writer Gary Scott Beatty takes readers on a tour of a world in which the “perfect” human has been engineered. No more sickness or old age, and little to no need for doctors and medicine. Paradise! Yeah, right. From the get-go, Beatty gives us characters with whom we can sympathize, be it the doctor who sincerely wants to help humanity by improving upon it, the radicals who want to reclaim personal individuality, or Adam, the less-than-physically-perfect object of worship for so many. He also provides an engaging story at a crisp, but not rushed pace, with a satisfying conclusion....all in one issue. As the saying goes, “And, wait ‘til you check out the art!” Artist James Lyle is one of those individuals who makes you glad there is a visual medium called “comic books.” His clear, bold lines and well- defined figures lend just the right “scrubbed clean with Clorox, but something nasty still lurks beneath the shine” look needed for this futuristic story in which all is well, as long as you don’t look too close. Lyle also handles striking contrast in amazing fashion, which he proves when Adam discovers..., WHOOPS! Let’s just say that Adam discovers the shocking truth beneath the shine.

Adam Among The Gods is worth seeking out. It’s recommended for older teens and up due to some disturbing imagery. It can be pre-ordered from Aazurn Publishing through your local comic book shop.

Mark Allen

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