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You have found page 3 of a great place to find a comic book review. Michael Vance, a syndicated columnist who has been doing comic book product reviews since about 1991, continues to send me product reviews. He claims to have one of the longest running most read comic book review columns around. I will continue to supply you with comic book product reviews as he supplies them to me! But now Mark Allen takes over.

He has agreed to send me his weekly column that I will continue posting on this page. It should give you an ample supply of good comic book review information. So keep checking back often.

You can read a little more about Michael and his "Suspended Animation" comic book review column here. Also an interview with Michael. And now you can check out Mark Allen's comic book blog where there is also an audio interview with Michael. Very Interesting! Click on the Four Color Cast 5 link in the widget at the top.

Posted 3/06/08
Batman, The Dark Knight!

Posted 3/28/08
BC A Fifty Year Celebration!

Posted 3/29/08
Pals n Gals, more Archie Delight!

Posted 3/31/08
TimeFlyz, Cyborg flies; Who’d of thought!

Posted 3/31/08
Robotika, Definitely Not the Song!

Posted 5/05/08
Batman : Animated, A Great Read!

Posted 6/05/08
Adam Among the Gods, What does the Future Hold for Humanity?

Posted 6/30/08
Sojourn: The Berserker’s Tale!

Posted 6/30/08
Amazing Spider-Man, Unmarried again!

Posted 7/02/08
Jughead ’s Double Digest!

Posted 7/07/08
All Star Companion, Who was the First Superhero?

Posted 7/09/08
John Romita Jr, the comic book Whiz Kid!

Posted 7/15/08
Rom: Spaceknight!

Posted 7/24/08
Tomo, a Thirteen Year Old Ninja!

Posted 7/25/08
Batman Special, the Dark Knight?

Posted 7/31/08
Scion, Complete with Knights and Damsels!

Posted 8/18/08
Dare Detectives, Saturday Morning Superheroes?

Posted 8/26/08
Rampaging Hulk, Can’t Quite the Beast!

Posted 9/03/08
Sigil: Death Match, Sci Fi Comic worth Reading?

Posted 9/05/08
Spider-Man, with Great Power!

Posted 9/12/08
Cowpokes; Country Cows and Cowboys!

Posted 10/02/08
Strange and Stranger, the Life of Steve Ditko!

Posted 10/08/08
Hulk: Gray, Oh Hum!

Posted 10/16/08
Captain Gravity!

Posted 11/24/08
Betty and Veronica Spectacular, Woo Hoo!

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Dave Gieber

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