TimeFlyz, Cyborg flies;
Who’d of thought!

TimeFlyz, published by Zondervan Publishing, 160 pages, digest-sized, $9.99.

Imagine you are shrunk down by a band of cyborg flies and taken on a grand adventure through time to stop an evil time-traveling spider from kidnaping geniuses from our past. I know, I know, you hear that every day, right? Well, in case reading that leaves you at somewhat of a loss, you might come close to imagining what young Laurel is feeling as you read “Turtle Trouble,” the story in volume two of Time-Flyz, from Zondervan Books.

Despite this being the second volume of the property, I got over feeling lost quite quickly with well-done catch-ups on the story so far, as well as recaps on identities of characters. This is important, as readers are bound to simply stumble across this book in some bookstores, as I did. Thanks very much to writer Ben Avery for making the story accessible, and those characters interesting.

The best word I can come up with to properly describe the art of Adi Darda Gaudiamo is “fun.” Some may claim that’s too simplistic. But, isn’t “fun” what we want our comic books to be? The very essence of Manga, which seems to be Gaudiamo’s style, is whimsy and light-heartedness, both of which the artist accomplishes in superior fashion. No wonder he has met with so much success in his native Indonesia.

Another attractive feature of Time-Flyz is that, unlike many comics dealing with Christianity, it doesn’t bludgeon readers with religion. It is mentioned sparingly, yet in a powerful way at an appropriate place in the story. In other words, it’s not forced, but fits nicely into the situation. That’s hard to do, folks, and Avery is, again, to be commended for his ability to pull it off.

TimeFlyz is recommended for all readers who enjoy fun, uplifting stories. So give it to your kids, grand-kids, or nieces and/or nephews when you’re done.

Find it at comics shops, online auctions, some online retailers, and at www.zgraphicnovels.com.

Mark Allen

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