Sigil: Death Match, Sci Fi
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Sigil: Death Match V. 5 (containing the never-before-published issues 27-32)/198 pgs. & $17.95 from Checker Books/words: Chuck Dixon; principal art: Scot Eaton/sold at book stores, comics shops &

What is the value of seeing only the last ten minutes of a movie or reading the last five pages of a book? Well, one might learn that the movie or book wasn’t worth watching or reading. Sigil: Death Match publishes the last six, unpublished issues of an epic, SF comic book series released several years ago and cancelled before those issues made it to book and comics shops.

You might ask: “okay, Mr. Big Tease Comics Reviewer, are you hinting that this isn’t worth reading?”

I’m glad you asked.

You see, this tough mercenary soldier bears a powerful “sigil” or mark on his chest that allows him to save his home-world of Gaia while his soldier buds invade this weird world dominated by giant lizards that walk like men. There is lots and lots of fighting, monsters, giant space ships, huge planets, impossibly muscled heroes and beautiful babes, explosions, and dying in Sigil: Death Match.

I ask again, Mr. Reviewer, is it really worth reading?!?

There isn’t lots and lots of plot, or much characterization, or originality. Yes, the art is pretty good. But comics should be about art and story.

HEY!! ARE YOU DEAF, MR. REVIEWER!?! Should I buy this or what?!?

Yes, it is written by Chuck Dixon who owns a well-deserved reputation for writing solid adventure comic books. This really isn’t one of those, however.

Does this mean that Sigil: Death Match isn’t really worth the $17.95? Yep and yep, that’s what it means, and I’m as surprised as you. And that’s sort of unusual for a comics publisher who has otherwise always won high praise from this reviewer.

Michael Vance

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